3 Applications of Guar Gum Manufacturers USA


The guar gum is best grown in arid and semi-arid regions, it requires minimal water and has a substantial time ahead in the dried rolling hills of Texas and plains of America in the south. Hence,  the first Guar Gum Manufacturers USA was developed in 1903.

The production of Guar Gum requires sandy soil and rainfall that is spaced out. India yields 80% of the guar, Pakistan 16% and the rest countries 4%.

Since the Guar Gum is best grown in arid and semi-arid regions, it required minimal water and hence has a substantial time ahead in the dried rolling hills of Texas and plains of America in the south.

  1.   Guar is chiefly irrigated since the medieval period in Pakistan and India, which is sown generally as an annual crop at the before or beginning of August and harvested after October. They are grown with maximum productivity and quality in parched and semi-parched areas. This crop is also known in US, Africa and Mexico. The main component is galactomannan.
  2.    Being a leguminous plant, guar gum plants give nitrogen to the soil making it fertile, thus making itself the best product to be used for crop rotation.
  3.    Guar Gum plants are very sturdy and hard with immune to field diseases and insect interferences.
  4.    Guar Gum is a plant with minimal risks and so can be used in fields to break free from cycles of diseases.
  5.   As per reports, when used with cotton in crop rotation, then there is an increase in the yield of cotton of up to 10-20%, following guar gum.

Applications of Guar Gum Manufacturers USA

  1. Applications in processed food: This sturdy plant has extensive and powerful characteristics demanding its use in many ways. Guar gum is a relatively inexpensive, polysaccharide firmer and thickener, which finds immense use in the industry relating to the manufacture of food. It is a chemical-free substance, which is high in fibre that is soluble and has a long and risk-free history of use as an ingredient in food products. When added to cold water, guar gum yields rapid development of viscosity and is generally compatible with most other water-soluble gums and food ingredients.

                   Guar Gum works to texturize and lend “body” to processed foods without increasing carbohydrate or fat content. Some specific applications of Guar Gum are: baking of products(by increasing shelf life and enhancing the structure of the crumb), batter(by thickening it) or breading(prevents ingredients from separating), potation, in breakfast grains like wheat, maize, etc., frozen confections(improving melting properties and reducing crystals of ice), macaronis, noodles(improving moisture retention and texture and body as well), coulis(acting as a binder, absorbing free water), food products, pancakes and dairy products(emulsion stabilizer and thickener, controlling viscosity). It is also used as a stabilizing product as in salad dressings(acting as a stabilizer), etc. They also act as a natural thickener in soups and gravies too.


  • Applications in Industry


  • Guar Gum is used in drilling processes and hydraulic fracturing to increase the quality of pumping and proppant delivery by creating a very high viscous water slurry composed of guar.
  • Guar Gum can be used as a paste mixture which adds the ability to be sticky, thus when applied on textile surfaces leaves no visible signs of bleeding or bulging.
  • It can be used as a stabilizer since it makes the mixture to which it is added highly viscous.
  • It can be used as an agent in flocculation to improve the same and also in recovery ores in minings.
  • It is used in the paper industry, to give uniformity to paper and can also be used in its formation.
  • It increases the strength of folding and bursting of paper and provides the denser surface for printing needs.
  • It acts as an effective tool for dust and erosion control and mulch binding and hence can be used in tackifiers.
  • When added to soil it minimizes soil erosion thus decreasing the need to reseed it. It is believed to create a fibre-seed-soil bond without hardening of the soil.
  • It is used to create biodegradable substance when added to compost by acting as binding and agent of clumps. This makes the compost scoopable.
  1.   Feeding of animals:
  • It is used as a dietary resource to feed fishes.
  • It adds up to 60% of the protein in animal feeds with a content that is digestible in the feeding of livestock.
  • Highly soluble fibre found in Guar Gum acts as a suspending, stabilizing and thickening agent for pet food.

Certifications on the production of Guar Gum: FSSC 22000, ISO, Halel and Kosher are some standards which provide certifications on the production of Guar Gum.

Popular Guar Gum Manufacturers USA are-

  1.       Guar Resources, LLC
  2.       Polypro International, Inc.
  3.       Celeritas Chemicals
  4.       Viachem, Inc.
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