Cannabis Jobs Rush – Is this the Best Time to Invest in the Cannabis Industry


Unless you have been living under a rock, you will likely have heard of the “Green Rush”. Investment experts in the niche say that investing in both cannabis and cryptocurrencies are two ways to generate some excellent returns in the next few years. Of course, each area carries their own individual risk, but if you follow the advice below, and on the internet, you are likely to find success. For example, if you browse the local cannabis jobs listings, on websites such as you will quickly realize the speed at which the industry is growing as a whole as companies continue to hire more and more staff.

Here are our recommendations on what to look out for.

Research the Personnel

Before you take any steps to investing in a cannabis company, it is vitally important that you research the management team of the company. You will be surprised to know that many cannabis companies are owned by people who have got lucky, thanks to the green rush, and don’t know how to expand beyond their current rate. This means long term success and growth may be limited.

State Laws Need to Be Looked At

Each state here in the US has laws that govern the usage of medicinal and recreational cannabis. These rules and laws often change monthly, and of course, these laws may even vary at a local level too. Sometimes people are too nervous to expand beyond their current locality, as they are often left confused by the red tape and the rules in other areas. This is why consulting firms who are able to offer guidance for expansion may do especially well, and may be worth investing in.

Look at Ancillary Companies

Any companies that deal with cannabis are often riskier compared to those who don’t. Companies who handle cannabis need to abide by many different rules and regulations. If these companies breech these rules, the licence that they have to operate with may be rescinded. This is a sure-fire way to lose your investment!

A good example of a company to invest in is one that acts as a marketing platform for the cannabis industry. Cannabis growers often need help to take their product to the market, and businesses like this are doing very well in the current climate.

Who is Hiring?

If you have chosen your company to invest in, a good way to see their expansion plans is to search to see if they are advertising any jobs. It is recommended that you take a look at the cannabis jobs near me tool on for this information (

This will help give you added confidence that the organization is growing for the future and the one you should be investing in.

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