Investment Bankers Are Crucial to the Successful Sale of your Business


Starting a business and walking it through to success might sound easy while in school; nothing could be farther from the truth. For example, how many people stop to think how a change in government policy might affect their specific business? Very, very few, if at all. Welcome to the world of Investment Banking. An article in Forbes suggested that one of the biggest mistakes business owners make when setting up, buying or selling a business, is not to consult an experienced investment banker.

In the context of selling your business, not hiring an investment banker could possibly mean giving up a large portion of cash, equity upside, or both. Experienced bankers know how to structure transactions in such a way, so as to allow the seller to get a second and even third bite at the apple, by creating earn-outs, for example.

The role of an investment banker is to help businesses make the most out of capital markets. They offer consulting services to help business owners in areas ranging from capital raising services, to buy and sell side representations.

After the 2008 market crash, many investors lost a large part of their net-worth. Yet, not many seemed to have learned their lesson, turning to brokers and accountants, rather than experienced capital markets professionals. Of the so called “successful” investment baking professionals, many do not cut the mustard. An exception remains, Gustavo G. Dolfino, a self-made millionaire investment banker, known for his direct, no nonsense approach. .

Gustavo started in the business over 30 years ago. After running a few groups in some of Wall Street’s most prominent banks, he went on to establish his own company, WhiteRock Holdings, which encompassed an offshore non-resident alien hedge fund, a recruiting firm, and a middle markets mergers and acquisitions boutique.

In addition to Gustavo’s sheer expertise in finance, he is also the founder of several other entrepreneurial ventures like myKlovr, the first of its kind AI based, virtual college counselor. The company utilizes a data-driven, predictive analytics approach, to create a captive educational marketplace for students, universities and corporations.

Though Gustavo has never publicly talked about it, his net-worth is thought to exceed $300 million.

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