Technological solution for your e-Way bill problems!


The e-Way bill is a mandatory document which needs to be generated online from the e-Way bill portal and carried by the persons responsible for the transportation of goods in India. It is a single document valid throughout the country and if utilized properly can save businesses a lot of valuable time and resources. However, the technology based system can prove to be a lot of hassle if companies are unable to manage it efficiently.

Problems faced by businesses in the e-Way bill portal!

  • Once generated the e-Way bill system does not let you to edit it and thus if any inadvertent error has crept in there is no way to get rid of it.
  • Single e-Way bill is not valid for multiple consignments and if by mistake you generate a single e-Way bill for more than one consignment then the bill will get non-validated creating huge problems.
  • The e-Way bill portal does not allow you to generate multiple e-Way bills on the same invoice and you will need to update the vehicle number to continue with the movement and many such technicalities need a dedicated management system.

How a software platform can solve such problems?

Let’s understand the benefits of using a software platform for e-Way bill generation with an example:
Suppose a person ‘A’ wishes to generate an e-Way bill for the movement of goods he has undertaken. He will be required to take care of the following steps:

  • ‘A’ needs to keep in hand all the necessary documents such as the Tax invoice, product details, recipient details, vehicle details etc. ‘A’ will then be required to fill in all such details correctly in the E-way bill portal and has to be extra careful to prevent errors.
  • He will also be needed to calculate the distance correctly and furnish the transporter ID correctly and take care he is furnishing the vehicle number in the correct format!
  • ‘A’ will also have to repeat the above steps for multiple E-Way bill generation while being extra careful all the time and keep record of the all the e-Way bills generated!

And if during any of the above processes, ‘A’ is unable to keep focus and commits a clerical error then ‘A’ will end up paying a fine of Rs 10,000 or his goods will be seized!

Now suppose ‘A’ takes help of a smart software platform for all the above steps:

  • The software platform will provide data validation at each point so that ‘A’ does not commit any error. Even, if ‘A’ commits an error the platform will let ‘A’ to rectify it.
  • The platform will make sure ‘A’ does not have to fill in details repeatedly and take care of bulk generation efficiently, thus ‘A’ is now able to save a lot of time.
  • Such a platform will continuously update itself with any new government regulations and provide ‘A’ with timely alerts. Moreover, it will make sure one e-way bill is generated for one invoice as per the new regulations.

Hence, a smart software system not only helps ‘A’ to utilize the e-Way bill mechanism efficiently but also helps him to save a lot of time.

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