Things to Know Before You Get an Airtel Digital TV Connection


A technology marveled and used worldwide, a digital TV connection broadcasts various channels on your television sets and conceives uninterrupted entertainment. Airtel is a renowned service provider popular for its digital TV connection.

For a hassle-free and convenient entertainment, there are a few things that you must consider while getting an Airtel Digital TV Connection. Check them out, now!

  1. The Entire Package:

Most people consider and compare the cost of the Set-Top Box and then decide. However, one must also check initial fees, the subsequent monthly charges, the cost of the HD channels subscription and the number of channels the basic package is providing.

Airtel provides packages that start from Rs. 290 to Rs. 699. With a variety of package options available with prices and the number of channels. You can check what suits your entertainment needs the best.

  1. Recharge Plans:

Through an advantageous step in the arena of digital TV connection, customers are benefitted the most through the Airtel digital TV recharge plans list. This list comprises of various recharge packages and price variations that can be easily compared for features, available offers, and popular channels. Airtel also offers a huge discount on Airtel recharge plans or other bill payment these are annual packages wherein the surplus amount is discounted.

  1. Services Provided:

Most of your decision of selecting a digital TV connection depends on this one and as a result, it is very crucial. Realignment, package change or account-related affairs might require the continuous support of customer service. Before finalizing, call the customer service desk and pay close attention to customer service. This reveals a lot about how much the service provider cares for its customers. Also, give a glance at their online reviews. Airtel’s digital TV connection services are best known for their customer service.

  1. Warranty Period:

Like most digital TV connection providers, Airtel offers a one year warranty period. This one year caters to the on-site warranty along with free installation is provided. Customer reviews suggest that it withstands the test of time and can endure harsh weather conditions resulting in zero to minimal power fluctuations. This warranty can be extended by signing up for annual maintenance contracts.

Now that you know various factors you need to consider whilst getting an Airtel digital TV connection, make sure you leave no room for doubt. Be patient during the selection process and pay great attention to the after-sales services for hassle-free, non-stop entertainment.

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